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Selfie surround

Tezenis Show

A catwalk collection

foto di due ragazze felici davanti a molte macchine fotografiche con le braccia alzate sul palco dello show di tezenis, sullo sfondo bianco varie grafiche del il logo tezenis, location realizzata da ett
ragazzo salta davanti al scritte tezenis

Much more than a memory

More than 300 square metres were dedicated exclusively to Canon during the exclusive event, held in Rome and inspired by the world of cinema. ETT supported Canon by providing the multimedia supports for the exhibition, including the ‘Selfie Surround’: a fully automatic system that allows you to take multiple selfies simultaneously and from multiple angles, then creating a small video that can be shared on social channels. In addition to this system, ETT took care of installing interactive and other projections to enrich the exhibition space.

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