Big Data Management

We analyse and manage a vast amount of monitored data from complex sources


Digital Transformation

We work to bring organisational, cultural and managerial change with digital technology applications


ICT at the Service of the Community

We design and develop integrated systems to connect cities, habitats and people


Services and Systems for the Smart City

Local Systems and Big Data for Energy, Environment and Climate Monitoring

We develop tools to collect, monitor and analyse data from complex, heterogeneous and large-scale sources, particularly for environmental monitoring, logistics, energy and sustainability.


Ocean physics at your fingertips

EMODnet Physics is a European Network Marine Observation and Data Programme project. It gives real-time access to data on the physical state of Europe’s seas and oceans.

Enjoyment of Cities, Regions, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Geolocation tools, mobile applications, and virtual and augmented reality allow users to plan itineraries and help operators control tourist flows.

Technology platforms for healthcare professionals

We produce end-to-end solutions for collecting and monitoring therapy and clinical trial data, as well as planning and optimising management processes.

Training, Edutainment

We create innovative training and simulation systems that take advantage of technology to increase learning and awareness-process efficiency in protected situations.

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