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€ 35,6M+

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€ 24,2M+

Concessions granted

ETT Smart City - Smart Cities
Towns and Cities

Accessibility of Towns and Cities, Cultural Heritage, and Tourism

Geolocation tools, mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality, allow users to plan itineraries and managers to guide tourist flows.

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ETT Smart City - Smart Health
Health and Wellness

Technology platforms for healthcare professionals

We make end-to-end solutions to collect and monitor treatment data and clinical studies, as well as for planning and optimising management processes.

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ETT Smart City - People

Training, Edutainment

We create innovative simulation systems that use technology to boost efficiency in learning processes and awareness in protected situations.

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ETT Smart City - Planet

Local Systems and Big Data for Energy and for Environmental and Climatic Monitoring

We create instruments to collect, monitor and analyse data from complex, varied huge sources, in particular, environmental monitoring, logistics, energy and sustainability.

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Spotlight project

Emodnet Physics

The aim of EMODnet Physics, as one of the projects of the European Marine Observation and Data Network programme is to provide almost real time access to archived data about the physical condition of Europe’s seas and oceans.

ETT Smart City - Planet - Emod
Ocean physics at your fingertips
Smart Gov

Smart Governance means simplified administration

We work to improve the processes used by institutions to communicate with citizens and to modernise the way they provide public services.  We develop solutions that aim to clarify processes, roles and responsibilities in Public Administration decision-making flows.

ETT Smart City - Smart Government
We are leaders when it comes to providing systems to manage services for Citizens, Businesses and Public Administration.