Platform that enables a maintenance and management service for the built heritage

MUST is a digital platform for mobile devices aiming at experimenting and developing a participatory-based service for the maintenance and management of architectural heritage. The application is designed to acquire and organise information collected by users on social media, using an open data and citizen science perspective to contribute to the optimisation of maintenance planning processes.

screen di un'interfaccia dell'applicazione MUST in cui ti chiede di segnalare che tipo di guasto è: macchie, graffiti, presenza di vegetazione, disgregazione e variazione di dimensione, perdita di parti, fessurazioni
interfaccia principale dell'applicazione must con sfondo rosso e al centro il logo MUST maintenance urban sharing tool
interfaccia dell'applicazione MUST per individuare i guasti intorno a te con la foto di una facciata di un edificio con una perdita di parti

Guaranteeing predefined quality for a built-up area over a long period, by predicting and preventing performance modification processes, calls for a maintenance culture based on checking and planning. In this respect, digitisation supports the reorganisation of management coordination services on a building and urban scale. It leads to the redesigning of roles, relationships and cooperation among expert knowledge, technicians, administrators and users. Extension of the building life cycle is a MUST for the community, to which the application responds with comprehensive knowledge sharing and planning.

Download the MUST app for Android and iOS

Download the MUST DSH2030 for Android and iOS

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