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360-degree filming

360-degree filming, also known as panoramic video or images, is a visual recording technique that captures the entire scene, providing a complete view all around the spectator.

Using specific cameras or a particular configuration of panoramic tools mounted on special supports, the audience can virtually explore a location or a surrounding event. The pictures or videos capture the whole field of view around the recording point, including the sky and the ground.

+ Graphic design
+ Editing
+ Content Production
+ Video Production
+ 360-degree video shooting
+ Immersive Experience
+ Realistic experience
+ Comprehensive image capture
+ Accessibility

A boundless world of immersive 360-degree filming

Culture and tourism

Innovative immersive videos that put viewers in a specific setting, a historical place, a museum, a natural landscape, or a tourist destination.


The 360-degree technique makes the learning experience more immersive. Spectators or students virtually explore a setting or situation and learn all the details.

Brand & Retail

Drive products, services or point-of-sale shopping experiences. It gives a panoramic view of your spaces, products and store atmosphere.

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