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STEP (SmarT Education Platform) STEP (SmarT Education Platform) is software platform designed and developed by ETT for training that by integrating Industry 4.0 virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) andartificial intelligence (AI) offers new solutions for more interactive, engaging and above all more efficient training in terms of timing, opportunity and cost.


The STEP project is part of the Innovation Agreements between the Ministry of Economic Development and the Liguria Region, and was co-funded by the European Union – National Operational Program (NOP) ERDF “Enterprise and Competitiveness” 2014-2020 and Regional Operational Program (ROP) Liguria ERDF 2014-2020.

screen della schermata del progetto step, due operai su una nave davanti alla scialuppa di salvataggio in vr
ragazza con giacca catarifrangente davanti a due monitor di un pc che prova il visore vr
screen della schermata del progetto step, un operaio su una nave davanti alla scialuppa di salvataggio in vr ( vista estena

The platform is aimed at those stakeholders who need to train their operators in complex operational contexts that require, for example, interaction with machinery.

The possibility of projecting the learner in a pseudo-realistic or photo-realistic simulation environment allows proposing and re-proposing complex case studies, even in risky conditions that are not suitable for the current preparation of students or very expensive to achieve with the class.

The versatility of the solution makes it possible to meet the training needs for different areas, from safety, shipbuilding, and inspections to the possibility of implementing evacuation drills in case of fire or extreme event.

Particularly interesting were the applications made for firefighters, where cadets can practice the study of ignition houses in dozens of virtual (fire) rooms, or the package for training on LSAs (Life Saving Appliances) that casts learners into virtual scenarios and requires them to learn a range of activities provided by LSAs (technical equipment) and procedures for bringing crews to safety even under extreme conditions. The training package (BC Service project) has been adopted and used for cadet training by the Merchant Marine Academy in Genoa.

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