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Digital and Sustainable Harbour 2030

DSH2030 is a new model for integrated management of complex assets. The project integrates elements of big data, digital twin, machine learning, distributed and intelligent sensing to meet the facility management and sustainable development needs of ever-changing urban areas.

The case study examines the Porto Antico area of Genoa, a complex fractal that develops in a limited area tourism, production, commercial, socio-economic and logistical needs. The platform integrates data on environmental quality, sea quality, state of maintenance of structures, safety, flows, energy and water consumption, energy production, etc. in order to characterise reference scenarios, identify good practices, and manage the characteristics of the area in a timely and adaptive manner in response to the needs of the various direct and indirect stakeholders that frequent the area.

foto del porto antico di genova, in particolare il bigo e la pista di pattinaggio in un paesaggio notturno illuminate dalle luci della città
foto sfocata di una folla di gente in un paesaggio urbano con davanti un'infografica composta da pallini azzurri collegati tra solo da linee verdi

ETT contributes with distributed data collection tools, processing and synthesis tools, dissemination tools, tools for the digital exploitation and restitution of the acquired information.

DSH2030 is proposed as a model to be replicated at various levels and to be extended to the different components of the city with tourism value. Through the investigation of the needs of the users and the general public, an ad hoc model is created and implemented to increase the attractiveness of the area, through a coherent and wise management of spaces.

png di un'infografica per il progetto dsh2030, sulla destra un insieme di simboli che descrivono la raccolta e invio dati dal campo collegati poi al disegno di un'antenna del 5g collegato a sua volta all'addestramento modelli e archiviazione e alla pianificazione e supporto decisionale con foto in negativo del porto antico di genova

The digital twin makes it possible to monitor and optimise processes of:

Environmental monitoring
Monitoring and optimisation of resources (water, energy, etc.)
Monitoring and simulation of flows of people and vehicles (land and sea) for both safety and commercial purposes (e.g. to suggest where and when to launch a new product)
Monitoring the quality of the built system.


The use of a digital twin also makes it possible to interpret how buildings and spaces within the waterfront or application area are used, what the relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces are, what the level of accessibility and connections to the city system are and how they can be improved.

Download the MUST DSH2030 for Android and iOS

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