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Matterport technology creates realistic virtual tours, transporting visitors to otherwise inaccessible places and permitting interactive and engaging exploration. Virtual tours reproduce the settings – buildings, residences, tourist facilities, museums – with text and audio-visual support. Visitors can click on tags and examine selected points of interest, also with remote content.

+ Virtual Tour
+ Content Production
+ Immersive exploration
+ Local accessibility
+ Customisation and interactivity
+ May be upgraded
+ Educational tool

Boundless experiences: an extraordinary adventure to be lived anywhere

Culture and tourism

Matterport technology permits exploring otherwise inaccessible cultural places, offering a virtual experience that goes beyond geographical limitations. Virtual tours give textual and audio-visual insights into points of interest, enriching visitor understanding and cultural experience.


Virtual tours offer an engaging interactive experience allowing users to actively explore and learn from visual and textual content. Visitors can click on tags and examine remotely selected points of interest, with flexible access to educational content.

Brand & Retail

Shops, showrooms and retail outlets use Matterport technology to create a virtual storefront, enhancing the online shopping experience. Customers can virtually explore points of sale and immerse themselves in a brand’s authentic atmosphere.

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