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A touring guide app provides multimedia content – such as videos, images, and insights – and transforms a museum or city visit into a genuine experiential journey. Thanks to geolocation and Bluetooth Beacon technology, visitors can engage in interactive exploration of physical locations, enjoy personalised content, and, with Cardboard VR headsets, experience immersive virtual reality.

+ App Design
+ Graphic design
+ Video Production
+ Digital Design
+ Modularity
+ Scalability
+ Usability

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Move through a museum and be guided by the historical characters living there. Have fun with games and virtual/augmented reality content. Apps lead visitors along cultural routes enriched with multimedia content. Thanks to geolocation, visitors can access additional information for a superior and engaging museum experience.


See a city as you never have before. Move and explore anywhere, immersing yourself in an interactive adventure. Mobile apps simplify navigation in cities and tourist sites, transforming a tourist device into an interactive guide that makes the visit more meaningful and engaging.

Corporate & Brand

Transform brand discovery into a visit experience. Guide clients on a journey through the brand's history by giving them a tool that also keeps them up-to-date. Mobile apps present companies with a direct channel to clients, with multimedia content aimed at strengthening the connection between them and the brand, increasing loyalty by enhancing brand perception.

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