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The immersive room created by ETT for the Ocean Race's Genoa Pavilion allows visitors to experience the adrenaline rush of the world's toughest regatta and transports them directly to iconic areas of the city and Liguria.

“The multimedia installation that the city municipality will bring to the Salone through the technical sponsorship of ETT - a Genoa-based company of Gruppo SCAI - will offer an immersive "preview" experience of The Ocean Race. Visitors will be able to experience firsthand the excitement of the race with the immersive multi-projection that will then follow the Genoa booth to the various stages of The Ocean Race around the world.”

La StampaSeptember 20th, 2022

ETT and Ocean Race Stages

Immersive room and speeches in the sustainability-themed event schedule: follow ETT through all the stages leading up to the Grand Finale in Genoa


Alicante, Spain

Italian Day – 13 January 2023

The role of data and its processing in the sustainable understanding and exploration of the environment and oceans

Antonio Novellino, R&D Manager, ETT S.p.A.

Data is a primary resource for understanding and addressing the challenges of climate change. Today we have the ability to monitor the ocean and environment in real time through in situ and remote sensing technologies. Data derived from monitoring feed numerical models and forecasting tools useful in mitigating climate change. ETT plays an important role in supporting this framework by actively participating in major European programs for marine data collection, management and processing. ETT is also a key partner in European projects that drive technological innovation in data collection and processing and in projects that explore new possibilities for participatory science.

Cape Town, South Africa

Ocean Hour – February 23, 2023

Low Cost Technologies and Citizen Science in Data Collection

Antonio Novellino, R&D Manager, ETT S.p.A., Patrick Gorringe, SMHI

Ocean Race is a demonstration of how inter-agency cooperation is critical for ocean data collection. This first Ocean Hour organized by ETT aims to foster new opportunities for collaboration among science professionals and project coordinators. With a focus on EMODnet Physics, a thematic project of the EMODnet program, which aims to integrate and make data on the physical conditions of European and international seas accessible and interoperable, the event aims to shed light on low-cost technologies for ocean data collection.

Itajaì, Brazil

1.04.2023 / 23.04/2023

Ocean and ports

Newport, Rhode Island

Time: 14.00 EDT / 18.00 UTC
Genoa Pavillion

Ocean Hour – Enabling tools for citizen science in ocean data collection
Moderated by Antonio Novellino (ETT) and Patrick Gorringe (SMHI)
Web room:

Aarhus, Denmark



Ocean Hour – Climate Change and sustainability: talk to the scientists

The Hague, Netherlands

h 14.00-16.30

Ocean Hour – Ocean data products and literacy: what’s for the community


Genova, The Grand Finale -
ETT Ocean Data Week

From June 27th, a full schedule of talks, workshops, and moments dedicated to the topics of Smart & Sustainable City, Blue Economy, and Citizen Science, featuring some of the most authoritative voices in the field of sustainability in Europe.

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

sustainability, innovation, forecasts, ports, situational awareness, citizen science, 

Sustainability and Climate Change

The Ocean Race will be one of the first sporting events in the world to focus on reducing its impact on the environment.

As a technical sponsor of the event, we share this commitment. We collaborate with leading Italian and international universities and research centers to ensure access to information on the oceans, the environment and sustainability, which is essential for responsible resource use.

Big Data and Sustainability: the role of ETT

Data are a valuable resource for the sustainable use of environmental resources and for addressing the challenges of climate change.

Today we have the ability to monitor the environmental situation in real time, providing an always complete picture of the health of the planet. ETT plays an important role in this activity by actively participating in European programs for the collection, management and processing of data collected through in situ and remote sensing technologies. These programs are pieces of a complex puzzle: they help identify new technological solutions and invite us to active participation, helping to build a strong and responsible community.

European Marine Observation and Data Network

EMODnetPhysics is one of the seven thematic projects of the European Marine Observation and Data Network programme and provides data on European and international seas. Using the latest IoT, Big Data and webGIS technologies, it offers access to over 8000 real-time measurement platforms.


Copernicus Marine Service

Part of the European Earth Observation Programme dedicated to the oceans: an important European Union resource that provides information on the oceans useful for understanding and predicting climate change, designing a sustainable blue economy while respecting ecosystems


Ocean-Cryosphere Exchanges in Antarctica

OCEAN:ICE helps us understand how the Antarctic ice sheet and the surrounding ocean affect our climate, as well as reducing dangerous levels of uncertainty about the rate of melting over the next few centuries.


Southern Ocean Climate and Heat Impact on Climate

SO-CHIC studies air-sea-ice interactions between the atmosphere and the Antarctic Ocean with a focus on heat and CO2 storage, a significant gap in our understanding of climate.


Improving and integrating the European Ocean Observing and Forecasting System

Eurosea’s goal is to build a single, comprehensive, intuitive and user-focused European ocean observation system.


New Approach to Underwater Technologies for Innovative, Low cost Ocean observation

NAUTILOS aims to unlock the vital knowledge contained in the ocean over the coming decades, making a significant contribution to the democratisation of marine monitoring


Sea Situational Awareness solutions

Sindbad 2.0 is an advanced operational service to support boating, tourism and marine navigation, accessible at very high resolution in mobile


Offshore Low-trophic Aquaculture in Multi-Use scenario Realisation

The main objective of OLAMUR is to bring together multi-use low-trophic aquaculture (MU-LTA) related key sectors, to demonstrate sustainable commercial solutions for both the North and the Baltic Sea.


Joint European Research Infrastructure of Coastal Observatories

JERICO-S3 will provide a state-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose and visionary observational RI, expertise and high- quality data on European coastal and shelf seas, supporting world-class research.


Wastewater management for the improvement of port waters

GEREMIA’s overall goal is to train and support port water managers with innovative tools and solutions.


Robotics and AI for socio-economic empowerment

Sustainable environmental caring and protection technologies – development of robotic systems, techniques for energy storage and distribution, and natural and man-made hazard monitoring and prevention systems for urban, terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems.


Protection and Restoration Management - Mediterranean MPAs

The EFFECTIVE project involves a comprehensive, holistic, and multidisciplinary approach that aims to comprehensively understand the current and future state of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, including by implementing Digital Twin for data exploration, research, and Citizen Science.

Open Science platform for collaborative marine research

Blue-Cloud2026 aims to expand the European ecosystem to provide FAIR and open data and services useful to further research on the EU’s oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters and to meet the needs of the Blue Economy.


Digital and Sustainable Harbour 2030

An enhanced marina digital twin to monitor and optimise environmental monitoring processes, resource management, flows of people and vehicles, quality of the built system, with a sustainability perspective


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