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Immersive Projections

An extraordinary visual experience transports the audience into exceptional worlds, stimulating the imagination via impressive stimulation of the senses.

Immersive projections involve spectators or users first-hand in high-impact visual and interactive experiences, which can vary in complexity and scope. An innovative video projection technique transforms surfaces into natural screens and creates an immersive experience. Projection mapping (or video mapping) is a dynamic and versatile tool, perfect for all indoor and outdoor settings. They portray magical and highly emotional moments, transporting the audience to another place and time.

+ Graphic design
+ Editing
+ Content Production
+ Video Production
+ Video shooting
+ Narrative structure
+ Adaptability to various platforms
+ Spectator involvement

An audio-video show that adapts immersive and emotional projections onto any surface


They tell the story of historical figures, painters, warriors, poets, and artists by immersing visitors in surroundings coloured by immersive projections. See them all around and discover their secrets, lives and the places where they lived.


Any situation may be turned into a unique and unforgettable experience with a symphony of screened images. Spectacularly tell a story with installations and highly emotional multi-projections.


Use emotional projections to tell the story of your brand, your company, or maybe a new product ready to be launched onto the market. Watch stands and shops come to life before your eyes.

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