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EMODnetPhysics is one of the seven thematic projects in the European MarineObservation and Data Network programme and it works to integrate data and make it accessible and interoperable on the physical conditions of European and international seas. Using the most recent IoT, Big Data, and webGIS technologies, together with integrating open protocols, it offers access to over 8000 measurement platforms in real time. The platform is completed by a help desk service that provides access to the skills of experts from over 120 oceanographic research institutes all over Europe.

European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is a long-term marine data initiative funded by European Commission DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries which, along with the Copernicus program and the data collection framework for fisheries, implements the EU strategy for marine knowledge.

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The main page offers direct links to the main services; the map page, on the other hand, allows the user to discover and access data by theme, platform, age of registration, depth, provider, area.

A dedicated page is available for each connected dataset/platform. These pages provide the user with metadata, graphs, download functionality, platform products – e.g. monthly averages or wind graphs – further information and links, as well as statistics on the use of data from that platform. Information on data quality is available in relation to datasets. The ‘Documentation and M2M’ section extends the dataset and describes all available services. All M2M and web interfaces are linked and the user can easily switch from one catalogue/service to another, selecting and using the one that best suits his needs.

EMODnet Physics offers more than 800,000 data sets and, in the last 2 years, has recorded more than 140,000 manual data download requests and more than 1,300,000 web service transactions.

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