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Natural History Museum Giacomo Doria - visit platform

The solution allows access to the museum content and gamification section via a mobile APP that guides and engages in an immersive and interactive digital experience

mano che tiene un cellulare con l'app ar realizzata da ETT per il Museo di Storia Naturale Giacomo Doria di Genova.
For the Giacomo Doria Museum of Natural History in Genoa, ETT created an integrated platform to support the interactive visit including immersive multimedia content. The solution provides access to immersive museum content and the gamification section via a mobile app – for discovering the history and lesser-known aspects of the Natural History Museum of Genoa – and dedicated supports for the use of augmented reality content.
Illustrazione realizzata da ETT per l'app di visita del Museo di storia naturale giacomo doria che ritrae una lupo in una foresta
In addition to the emotional trailer, which anticipates the user spaces and contents of the museum, the virtual tour of the entire museum and the specially created illustrations, ETT has created a number of videos designed to complement the augmented reality content bringing animals to life in their natural environment and podcasts narrating the biographies of the main explorers. The gamification section is conceived as a Mystery Game and includes a first part of content that can be enjoyed remotely and a part that can only be unlocked indoors once the museum is reached. The concept of the game revolves around the centrepiece: the impressive whale skeleton. Users are asked to help the museum director solve the riddles surrounding the museum. The mystery begins outside the museum complex and deepens as you approach the entrance, as well as continuing inside the halls.

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