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Multimedia set-up

Caruso Museum

500 square metres, 60 rare original objects, 3,500 digitised documents in 11 multimedia tables and maps, 3D animations, 43 audio stations and film installations.

interno del Museo Caruso allestito da ETT presso Palazzo Reale di Napoli
The first national museum dedicated to Enrico Caruso, a single large space, a true room of wonders. The museum’s layout is predominantly multimedia, but is flanked by several more traditional elements to create a balanced overlap between the new and the old and to enhance the space of the Doric Hall of the Royal Palace in Naples, thus keeping visible all the original and characteristic elements of the environment.
The exhibition environment is divided into separate portions by means of a clear and linear path to lead the visitor to immerse himself in and understand the history of the character. The use of technology is fundamental as it allows interaction with collection objects, photographic images, original posters and memorabilia placed along the route. Particular attention in the design of the exhibition itinerary was paid to the use of audio content: thanks to Beacons, each visitor can listen to music, podcasts and enjoy audioguide functions.

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