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Exposition Center of the Aosta Valley Mining Park and Cogne mine

stanza con totem dell'allestimento di ett per il museo del Parco Minerario della Valle d’Aosta e della Miniera di Cogne
grafica dedicata a edouard bernard, a destra una sua foto in bianco e nero, a sinistra la sua biografia
The Aosta Valley Mining Park and Cogne Mine Exhibition Centre is an itinerary that follows the extraction of material in time and space and recounts the historical industrial exploitation of mines in Valle d’Aosta from the Middle Ages to the 1980s.
The museum layout has been created using audio and video equipment that, thanks to an interweaving of stories, noises and emotions, tells in a multimedia way not only about the minerals, but the history of the place and the people who lived there and experienced it. Graphics, decals, original images and descriptive panels support the immersive technologies used, such as touch screens, totems and large projections.
Una sala del nuovo Centro espositivo Parco Minerario Valle d’Aosta e della Miniera di Cogne, allestimento museale di ett

Surrounded by characters who question him in the first person, the visitor steps into the shoes of a miner. The experience becomes even more immersive due to the presence of interactive games.

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