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The Divine Comedy in VR: Purgatory is a nine-minute short film accompanied by the voice of actor Francesco Pannofino in which the viewer takes on the role of the Supreme Poet and crosses the threshold of Purgatory.

un angelo caduto, frame parte de Il Purgatorio, produzione de La Divina Commedia VR realizzata da ETT
Purgatory manifests itself in all its grandeur: a rocky mountain towering in the centre of the southern hemisphere, in the ocean. Emerging from Hell, in this realm the passage of time is admitted: here dawn and dusk, day and night are known, and light is declined in all its hues. Entering this primordial setting, the spectator crosses the threshold of Purgatory subjectively, through Dante’s eyes: a door in the rock, guarded by an angel armed with a sword. With the vision of the Purgatory mountain begins the second chapter of the project La Divina Commedia VR realised by ETT, on RaiPlay and Rai Cinema Channel. The 3D short film is the protagonist of the multiplatform project conceived by Rai Cinema and presented on the occasion of Dante’s celebrations on Saturday 25 March 2023.
immagine tratta dalla Divina Commedia VR: il purgatorio, prodotto di ETT distribuito da Rai Cinema
The environments have been entirely modeled, sculpted, and painted in 3D. Animation of plants, fire, and water has been created based on physical parameters, allowing interactions in simulations of up to 100 million particles. As for the human figure, which becomes more central in the Purgatory compared to the Inferno, the choice was made to integrate actors filmed on a green screen in compositing for close-up scenes where facial expressions are perceived. Crowd scenes have been realized by capturing the real movements of actors (MOCAP: motion capture) and applying these movements to 3D characters. Furthermore, the original soundtracks are composed by Marco Morini, a work that pays particular attention to sound design to enrich the viewer’s 360-degree experience.

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