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Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Novara

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Galleria Giannoni

The historic Broletto complex underwent a restyling to enhance its spaces and make experiences related to works and collections accessible everywhere

quadr, smartphone con app e tablet con app vi visita realizzat da ETT per galleria giannoni

ETT was in charge of re-imagining the spaces, the Visitor Experience, the communication and the image of Galleria Giannoni by applying hyper-contemporary communication, dissemination and layout strategies.

The work started with the graphic design project for the creation of the new logo, which was followed by the setting up and redesigning of the website. The logo emphasises a transformation: the strategic shift whereby, from a situation of reduced visibility, the City of Novara brings its wealth into focus, makes it accessible and shares it with the public.
quadro della battaglia di Kassala e mockup dell'app di visita realizzata da ETT per galleria giannoni

The exhibition spaces created were designed to be functional for the best possible visitor experience.

To enhance the statues, a new redesign of their spaces has been conceived to create different walls, depending on the weight of the work. In addition, grey colours were used in two variants, a choice that was balanced on the basis of the brightness of the rooms. Each work is associated with a dynamic QR code correlated with extra, interactive content, which can be used by the visitor through his smartphone. The additional audio narrative level includes a combination of music tracks, read aloud, ambient sound, as well as interesting and valuable curatorial comments and interpretations.
locandina con scritt amistery artwork e mano di persona che inquadra il qr code per scoprire i contenuti di gallerie giannoni allestito da ett
smartphone da cui esce una parete di galleria giannoni in realtà aumentata

ETT also realised the poster design for the Mistery Artworks campaign and the entire institutional communication campaign of Galleria Giannoni.

The new web platform of Galleria Giannoni is a real new tool for communicating with visitors, starting from the pre-visit phase, up to soliciting curiosity for updates in the post-visit phase.

The platform has a multilingual structure and is designed to comply with accessibility regulations. It gathers within it all the richness of Galleria Giannoni’s contents, cataloguing the works by tags, narrating the stories about them and proposing virtual interaction activities, without imposing any type of download on the visitor. Using the QR code and by connecting directly with the web platform it is possible to discover information and details on the work and others by the same author, following the dedicated audio guides. Three different exhibition routes have been developed (short route, complete route, gems) that can be enjoyed in a hybrid way between online and physical: visitors accessing the Gallery can embark on a fully interactive and personal journey through the space, accompanied by the web platform.



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