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Immersive Room @Ocean Race

ETT, Genoa Partner of the Ocean Race, has created a true immersive experience that promotes Genoa and Liguria through iconic visions.

Genova, 62esimo salone nautico - secondo giorno - camera immersiva caleidoscopica realizzata da ETT
foto all'interno della camera immersiva
The immersive room created by ETT for the Ocean Race’s Genoa Pavilion allows visitors to experience the adrenaline rush of the world’s toughest regatta and transports them directly to iconic areas of the city and Liguria.   The immersive room optimises the enjoyment of the video content and the effectiveness of the promotional message in a way that is compatible with the transport, set-up and reproduction requirements of the experience throughout the run-up to the Grand Finale in June 2023.
Full-wall, seamless multi-projections put the visitor in an emotional connection with the content through spectacular, rhythmic videos. The technique used transforms the surfaces into ultra-high definition screens. The immersiveness is emphasised by the mirrored floor and ceiling that reflect and amplify the evocative power of the images with a play on perspective. The sound design has been carefully chosen to accompany the immersive vision and to all intents and purposes constitutes a narrative level that involves the visitor and accompanies him in the experience. The narration ideally follows the route of the race around the world, with the projection dedicated to Ocean Race and the stages of the races up to the arrival in Genoa for the Grand Finale.
foto dell'interno della camera immersiva mentre viene proiettata una scena ripresa dall'alto della gara the ocean race
The storytelling continues with the promotion of tourism in Genoa through breathtaking views, images of the city’s most remarkable sights, alleys, historic shops and Palazzi dei Rolli, footage of the preparation of pesto al mortaio, drone flights over urban environments, the Forts and landscapes of the area, outdoor sports activities and the Aquarium. Finally, a glimpse into the near future with the video on the design anticipations of the new Waterfront di Levante.

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