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On Monday 30 October 2023 at 12 noon at the Science Festival in the Innovation Village – Porta Siberia – Genoa, the talk “OceanBigData: humanity’s footprint on the Ocean” will be held as part of the Spoke 3 RAISE Sustainable environmental caring and protection technologies meetings. Speaking: Antonio Novellino, R&D Manager in SmartCity&Sustainability and Francesco Misurale, R&D Project Manager at ETT.

ETT is part of RAISE Spoke 3, dedicated to the study of solutions for the sustainable management of terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environments, playing a key role and participating in the design and implementation of decision support tools.

The solutions developed in the project involve the integration of components and data from diffuse monitoring by smart sensors, observed satellite data, numerical models for marine weather forecasting and artificial intelligence tools. Based on this complex processing system, ETT develops and provides specialised synoptic dashboards to meet operational needs in area and activity management and planning.

The presentation “OceanBigData: Humanity’s Footprint on the Ocean” will provide some application examples ranging from coastal zone management to the study of air-ice-sea interactions and their influence on climate in the short and medium term.