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The Tenth International Conference of EuroGOOS, the European Global Ocean Observing System: ‘European Operational Oceanography for the Ocean we want – addressing the UN Ocean Decade Challenges’ will be held in Galway from 3-5 October, bringing together experts in the field to discuss the critical role of monitoring and forecasting ocean-related phenomena.

The European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS) has been promoting the development of operational oceanography in Europe since 1994 as part of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission’s Global Ocean Observing System (IOC GOOS).

Every three years, the EuroGOOS Conference provides a forum for marine scientists and technologists developing operational oceanographic products and for users of these services, including decision and policy makers and the private sector.

The EuroGOOS conference provides an opportunity to discuss how ocean observation and forecasting meets societal and policy needs. The event encourages dialogue between a wide range of stakeholders in ocean observation and forecasting to provide fit-for-purpose ocean information.

Beatrice Maddalena Scotto and Giulia Dapueto are attending on behalf of ETT and will present the OLAMUR  project (OLAMUR: offshore low-trophic aquaculture in multi-use scenario realisation) and posters on the afternoon of Wednesday 4 October:

SO-CHIC: Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate
OCEAN:ICE: Interactions and exchanges and their climate and Earth impacts
EMODnet Physics: Setting Up and Operating the European River Data Operational Node

Session L: Ocean observing meeting societal challenges – Chair: Lucie Cocquempot, Ifremer (France) – room: Inishmaan

Following are the details of the EuroGOOS conference.