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The former railway station of Pra’ becomes the headquarters of the CTE-Genova-Digital Workshop for Culture, an innovative project supported by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy.

Genoa is one of the 7 Italian cities selected to develop technological innovation applied to the cultural and creative sector. The Houses of Emerging Technologies (CTE) (“Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti ) represent research and experimentation centres that support the creation of start-ups and the technology transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises related to the use of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence, but also augmented, virtual and immersive reality, in order to promote innovative solutions for the cultural sector.

ETT participates in “House of Emerging Technologies (CTE): Digital Workshop for Culture” (“Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti (CTE): Opificio digitale per la Cultura”). CTE promotes the security, accessibility, conservation, and usability of the Genoese cultural heritage, adopting a model of widespread, dynamic, immersive, inclusive, attractive, and experiential museum.

Currently, ETT is working on the prototype of the sensorized reproduction of Cerberus, which will be showcased directly on February 23 during the inauguration. Furthermore, the Genoese CTE will be enriched by ETT’s immersive chamber, a fragrance dispenser paired with a VR headset, and an app for audio-guided tours and virtual museum visits in the metaverse.

In addition to the project leader Municipality of Genoa, private and research partners involved are: University of Genoa, IIT Foundation, National Research Council – Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology “E. Magenes” and Institute for Construction Technologies (CNR-IMATI-ITC), the association Center of Competence for Security and Optimization of Strategic Infrastructures Start 4.0, Consortium Ge-DIX Genoa Data Internet eXchange, Digimat spa, Camelot Biomedical Systems srl, AizoOn Technology Consulting, and Tim spa.