PIM – Integrated monitoring platform

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Regione Liguria
Integrated monitoring platform

The PIM technological platform integrates data on temperature, current, waves, anthropogenic marine noise, rain, wind and so on in the Ligurian Sea area, making it immediately accessible.

The ambition of the platform is to manage heterogeneous data from different sources (big data) and meet the needs of accessibility and interoperability (open data) required by recent European directives and, at the same time, to provide an operational tool for public and private actors operating in the Ligurian territory who have to manage and plan the exploitation of resources and  the safety of the territory and people by facilitating the growth of employment and production in the area.

PIM also provides vertical products that meet the specific needs of activities in the coastal area. The system is integrated with a semantic motor to help inexperienced users to interact with the platform and identify information and technical and scientific material.

For further information: www.pim-liguria.it

Tecnologie: Asp.NET / C# / Geoserver / Erddap