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Tiresia, the myth in your hands

An exhibition highlighting the nuances of Magna Graecia sociality through the extraordinary iconographic heritage of the Domenico Ridola Museum collections

Alcuni vasi su un tavolo presenti al Museo Domenico Ridola e facenti parte del nuovo percorso espositivo realizzato da ETT per Tiresia
Tiresias, the blind soothsayer and protagonist of Greek mythology, is the common thread linking artefacts and artefacts in the new exhibition itinerary of the National Museum of Matera. Within the new museum layout, the visitor spaces are coordinated by underlying narrative links. Specific technological solutions, oriented towards accessibility, convey content in Italian and English with varying degrees of depth, accompanying visitors along the route. Luca Ward’s voice welcomes the visitor from the very first room. The narrative key is suitable for all audiences, with videos in LIS and panels in Braille. From the second room, there are also multisensory experiences, with olfactory stations that trigger new stimuli and senses, touch monitors and in-depth panels for all.
The new visit route is completed by a Mobile App for smartphones, designed to support the visit route and developed for iOS and Android operating systems, in Italian and English. The App Mobile, characterised by a graphic design developed in line with the Visual Identity of the visit itinerary, presents a double path, respectively dedicated to the two in-depth sections 16 Points of Interest (POI) provide visitors with further levels of in-depth information through text cards, audio descriptions and image galleries. With the exception of the introductions to the two sections, in-depth content can be unlocked and viewed during the visit by scanning QR codes along the way.

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