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Last Supper Museum App

A unique tool in the world of museum displays, to discover, wherever you are, original contents and unpublished events on the history, restoration and conservation of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece

Encounter Leonardo in Milano

Guide to the First of the Last Suppers

The new App accompanies visitors inside the museum on an exclusive tour, where the secret of the Last Supper is revealed through historical and artistic narration and innovative augmented reality experiences. The route automatically unlocks the video guide contents for the 15-minute visit when, after purchasing the ticket and activating the Bluetooth, visitors enter the Museum or the Ticket Office area. It thus becomes possible to discover Leonardo’s Art in its original context.

Immersive experiences to discover a masterpiece

Eight languages, inclusive and fully accessible tours thanks to audio tracks and full transcriptions, educational for children, extraordinary experiences in Augmented Reality to give life to the Leonardesque painting and the fresco in front of it. In the open-content culture supported by the Lombardy Regional Museum Complex, all this is accessible for free, a unique example for museums in Italy.

Spectacular Augmented Reality

The design using Augmented Reality is the perfect tool for making the work spectacular. An additional narrative level anchors itself at the Last Supper, revealing the invisible mechanisms and bringing attention to details without having to break eye contact. The relationship with visitors remains alive, intimate and exciting: the AR remains clear, sharp, perfect every time the visitor moves around the room.

Discover the wonder


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