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Haydn VR Experience

A Virtual Reality experience designed for a mobile exhibit in which new listening experiences and interaction with the Haydn Foundation's musical heritage can be enjoyed.

ragazzo che dirige l'orchestra virtualmente grazie al visore vr che indossa su uno sfondo colorato rosa e azzurro mentre in sovraimpressione si vede l'orchestra che suona
Immagine vr dell'orchestra haydn dalla prospettiva del direttore d'orchestra
An immersive room where you can experience virtual reality by wearing a visor with a 360° subjective view, and assume the privileged point of view of the orchestra leader, then find yourself in the theatre with the musicians waiting for a nod to start playing F. J. Haydn’s Symphony No. 94 The Surprise. This is the focus of the new VR Experience designed and realised by ETT.
To be prepared for the 4-minute maestro performance, the user trains by using the viewer’s controller to simulate the movement of the hands, determining and modifying the speed of execution, to learn how to perceive the rhythm, get to know the various sections of the orchestra and identify the instruments that give life to a marvellous harmony. The station is complemented by a monitor that allows the VR experience to be observed in real time, so as to engage not only those who are trying out the experience, but also to intrigue those waiting. The installation is also made accessible to the visually impaired public – who enjoy the experience in fully acoustic mode, perceived at 360° – and to the public with hearing impairments, thanks to the use of VR visors.
zoom di dettaglio su visore vr con filtro di luce viola

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