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Best Luxury Customer Experience
Forum Retail Awards 2019

Fragrance Finder: 100% Success Rate

Designed for the Boutique in Via del Gesù, Fragrance Finder is an exclusive display that allows you to explore the world of Acqua di Parma and find the perfect fragrance

Acqua di parma ETT

An emotional Customer Journey
among 100% Made in Italy fragrances

The interactive installation consists of a front screen, three ampoules equipped with sensors and 30 olfactory bells containing the fragrances. By touching the ampoules, the customer can answer a sequence of questions designed to create his own profile. At the end of the digital journey, while on the screen an animation reproduces the creation of the fragrance in the laboratory, the olfactory bell relating to the fragrance most suited to the needs of visitors lights up: just lift it to hear the recommended fragrance, in the context of an experience d original and completely personalized purchase.

scritte che specificano i dettagli dei profumi acqua di parma
esterno di una boutique acqua di parma
timeline del progetto acqua di parma realizzato da ett, che va dall'art direction all'interior design

Magical sequences attract us to the display and distill the three essences resulting from the Customer Journey, to reach the fragrance you will love the most

ombra di braccio e mano con limone
essenze e alambicchi

Design and interaction for living spaces

The Tool is studied in detail and exemplifies a new direction in the world of multimedia installations: from simple spaces to unique places of interaction, designed to make the shopping experience spectacular and transform customers and visitors into protagonists of a shared story.

specchio interattivo acqua di parma ETT
Mano tocca ampolla profumo
QR code Acqua di parma

The ultimate immersion into Italian lifestyle

mani che toccano un fico a metà, fragranza di Acqua di Parma
scritte su sfondo giallo 100% success rate in identifying the Fragrance of existing clients

Award winner for “Customer Experience Initiative - Luxury”

shopper acqua di parma

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