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immagine divisa in due parti: a sinistra statua di dante, a destra ragazza con indosso un visore vr

The Divine Comedy in VR – Purgatory, an immersive journey is the title of the speech to be given by Adele Magnelli, Federico Basso and Alessandro Cavallaro at the 8th XR Metaverse Conference in Las Vegas, focusing on the paper of the same name presented and nominated in the Best Industry category.

What similarities do Dante and the Divine Comedy have with Virtual Reality?

The use of mixed reality tools increases the emotional impact of language and makes literary works more accessible, such as the Divine Comedy.

The boundaries between cultural heritage, entertainment and technology have blurred, giving rise today to immersive experiences, e.g. virtual reality experiences, that combine physical immersion with a psychophysical sensation of presence, offering incomparable opportunities to present engaging narratives.
The project presented by ETT at the XR Metaverse Conference aims to combine advanced technologies with new storytelling techniques and create unique and engaging experiences. Exploring significant scenes from Purgatory, The Divine Comedy VR transports viewers into the realm of the Supreme Poet. The meticulous characters and settings, accompanied by original music and the voice of Francesco Pannofino, aspire to reveal the beauty and depth of Dante’s Purgatory through the lens of modern technology and to create a new visual, interactive and multi-sensory language. The spectator becomes an active participant, moving within the narrative space, exploring the environment and interacting in first person with the characters, to the extent that he or she becomes deeply involved in the experience.

locandina de La Divina Commedia VR - il Purgatorio