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At the inauguration of the academic year at the University of Sannio, the President of the Republic sang the praises of the living lab of the Stress Technology District.
Yesterday – Tuesday 28 January – President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella underlined the value of the experimental zero-energy building ‘Nzeb’ during a speech at the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Sannio, in Benevento. The Head of State made a direct reference to the living lab, a demo building created by the high-tech Stress district together with the University of Sannio, the Department of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II and STRESS member companies such as ETT, Graded, Rina Consulting, Sea Costruzioni and TME. The demo building in Benevento is a significant asset that Stress leaves in the Campania region and it can be used as a driving force for further research projects on energy efficiency in buildings in Mediterranean climates. It provides innovative answers to the changing contemporary living conditions in terms of architecture, technology, systems and environments. It is based on design strategies oriented towards sustainability, the reduction of energy consumption, and the optimisation of the fabric-plant system.

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