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Giorgio Genta e Anna Falchi all'intervista di qui salute

Qui Talk is the talk show hosted by Anna Falchi dedicated to health, wellness, and beauty, brought to you by Qui Salute. From aesthetic medicine to innovations in prevention, and delving into the digital world, Qui Talk’s journey involves the top professionals in the field to create a moment of quality entertainment accessible to all, where health and wellness can be explored and enjoyed in all their variations.

In the studios of the magazine, during episodes of the second season, Giorgio Genta, Vice President of ETT, also intervened to discuss the Sense project dedicated to accessibility.

Space for two other interesting projects, both signed by ETT: a unique app for audio-guided paths and the virtual tour of museums within the Metaverse.

“Art is a universal language that transcends visual barriers. However, for people with visual impairments, enjoying the beauty of artworks can be a real challenge. And it is precisely from this challenge that Sense was born.

Sense is an innovative method designed to offer a unique multisensory experience and the opportunity to explore artworks such as bas-reliefs, statues, and scale models of historic buildings through touch. The user can interact directly with a faithful reproduction of the artwork, explore its details, and immerse themselves completely in its beauty with full autonomy, even without seeing it. The peculiarity lies in the fact that through touch, audio and video in LIS (Italian Sign Language) are activated, allowing everyone, including the blind and the deaf, to deepen their understanding of the subjects, materials, history, or artist.”

To immerse the viewer in the project and understand its application, Giorgio Genta showcased the sensorized reproduction of the Cerberus sculptural group, found in the Ligurian Archaeological Museum of Pegli, explaining its creation, functionality, and connection with the “House of Emerging Technologies – Digital Workshop for Culture”, a project by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, in which ETT is involved in the development of solutions including an app for audio-guided paths and virtual museum tours in the Metaverse.

For the full video, visit Qui Salute’s YouTube page.