Piazza Armerina - Palazzo Trigona

Regione Siciliana, Morgantina Archaeological Park, Enna and Villa Romana del Casale

  • Regione Siciliana, Morgantina Archaeological Park, Enna and Villa Romana del Casale
  • Multimedia set-up
  • Exhibition Design
  • App Design
  • Video Production
  • Content Production
  • Serious game / Gamification
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Production

Multimedia visitor experience at Piazza Armerina combines careful historical curatorial work with the potential of new technologies

ETT has created for Regione Siciliana, the Archaeological Park of Morgantina and the Villa Romana del Casale the multimedia experience of visiting Piazza Armerina.

At Palazzo Trigona, visitors can experience a fascinating journey through time and history to discover Piazza Armerina, as well as its territory, accompanied by an exceptional guide. We are talking about the 16th-century baron Marco Trigona, the one who welcomes visitors at the entrance of the Palace in the form of a talking picture, while an interactive timeline allows them to walk through the stages that led from the first settlements to the Byzantine age.

From room to room, then, it will still be the baron who continues to lead the narrative in the first person.

The different historical ages are addressed in the rooms according to a dual narrative and user experience register: in the touch tables, an introductory motion graphic video provides salient facts and helps to frame the general characters of the period.

The room dedicated to the Middle Ages shows, after the introductory video, the early urban layout of the Piazza, with related buildings that can be explored throughpop up andphoto galleries. Characters, legends, paintings and sculptures tell their stories in the first person from lecterns, where you can browse thematic galleries and discover features characterizing the period in question.

In many of the rooms, technology dialogues with archaeological finds and artistic artifacts, embellishing the layout and the visiting experience.

Two rooms are dedicated entirely to the Villa Romana del Casale, a UNESCO Site since 1997. In the Immersive Room, visitors are immersed in history through full-wall projections, through which they can relive the splendor of the villa. The potential of computer graphics, combined with accurate 3D reconstructions, restore the original layout of some rooms, and then literally become immersed in the atmospheres and amazing details of the Mosaic of the Great Hunt.

alcuni mockup dell'app di visita realizzata da ETT per Piazza armerina
immagine su sfondo nero che racchiude immagini mosaici presenti a Palazzo trigona

ETT has developed a mobile app with geolocation of the sites, which will allow visitors to plan their visit itinerary according to their interests.

The new app can be downloaded for free and features informative content that complements the visit to the city of Piazza Armerina, as well as Palazzo Trigona and the Roman Villa del Casale. Archaeological finds and immersive projections, multitouch systems and gaming as well as computer graphics reconstructions. These are some of the elements that alternate in a museum itinerary with highly innovative technologies and that lead the visitor to relive the story of the birth of Piazza Armerina and the Villa Romana del Casale, a Unesco Site since 1977 to which no less than 2 rooms are dedicated, in order to rediscover all its extraordinary beauty.

The long and fascinating history of these territories is told in 4 paths: archaeological, medieval, renaissance and modern. Besides the most famous places, the city has much more in store: the historic center with its ‘hundred churches,’ magnificent Baroque palaces, breathtaking views and ancient traditions.

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