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An immersive and engaging experience to re-embrace the history of Italy’s oldest team

ETT designed and implemented a new visitor mode for six rooms of the museum, which accompany the existing exhibition, enhance the memorabilia and video archive through technological solutions.

Thanks to an electronic bracelet equipped with NFC tags, visitors and fans can activate interactive experiences through which they can approach the history of the Rossoblù. Sir James Richardson Spensley, the historical promoter of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, will accompany the visit in three different languages, including Genoese.

A new room also allows youngsters to play a live football match: by kicking the ball, visitors will have to score goals by hitting the targets that appear on the large wall projection.

Schermo Touch presso il nuovo museo della storia del Genoa allestito da ett
due bambini vestiti da calciatori che nella penombra tirano dei calci a un pallone all'interno del museo del genoa, intenti a giocare ad un gioco interattivo in cui devono fare tris su uno schermo gigante

The route

At the beginning of the route, the visitor receives a bracelet equipped with an NFC tag that enables multimedia experiences in the different rooms.

At the entrance to each thematic room, the visitor is invited to bring the bracelet close to an NFC reader that enables a synchronized user experience: the atmosphere becomes intimate and the lights dim, while special light beams highlight different explanatory panels and memorabilia, following the storytelling that narrates the various contents.

It is Sir James Richardson Spensley, the historical patron of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, who ideally accompanies the visit; at the end of the narration, the lights in the room are turned on and the visit of the stations can be continued.

Genoa from the 1920s to the present

The vast archive of Genoa matches becomes easily accessible to the public in a personalized way: through a touch monitor it is possible to relive a match from the 1920s to the present day.

During the selection phase, the cube setup comes alive with game actions and phases, to leave room for the large Genoa flag during the chosen match display on the two monitors at the center of the exhibition structure.

The game station

ETT also set up a new room dedicated to active play, where visitors are engaged in hitting, by kicking a ball, certain targets that appear on the wall projection.

Quick reflexes and technique are put to the test in this station that completes the museum visit experience in a fun and unusual way.

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