Fellini Museum

Municipality of Rimini

  • Municipality of Rimini
  • Exhibition Design
  • Multimedia set-up
  • Supply and Installation

The largest exhibition project dedicated to the genius of Federico Fellini: a widespread museum

The Fellini Museum, listed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as one of the great national projects, has been built in Rimini and uses technology to enhance archival material and convey to visitors the authentic emotions of Fellini’s cinema.
A place capable of interpreting the cinema of the Rimini master not as a finished work in itself, but as a key to connect tradition and contemporaneity. A museum where “everything is imagined,” and a place able to restore what cinema has always wanted to be and that Fellini’s films express in the most accomplished way: amazement, fantasy, spectacle, entertainment.

The complex technical and immersive set-up of the Fellini Museum aims to enhance the cultural legacy of one of the most illustrious directors in the history of cinema, creating a composite path of participatory narratives.

The vast Fellini Museum hub articulates its narrative on three complementary exhibition paths, with cross-references between indoor and outdoor spaces

Una sala del Museo Fellini a Rimini con schermi, che riproducono celebri scene felliniane, scendono dal soffitto di travi a vista in legno, allestimento a cura di ett
riproduzione gigante di Anita Ekberg tratta dalla Dolce Vita di Fellini presso il Museo Fellini di Rimini

Castel Sismondo, the 15th-century Malatesta fortress is developed according to a layout that progresses by evoking fundamental themes in Fellini’s imagination and cinema. Palazzo Valloni, a building of eighteenth-century origin, hosts the Fulgor, the legendary cinema immortalized in Amarcord. This is the place where Fellini’s works, drawings, epistolary letters, relationships and professional exchanges, usable in part in original, in part through digital repertories find their place. The third and final axis that joins the two buildings is instead Piazza Malatesta, a large urban area redeveloped and transformed into a true Square of Dreams with green portions, arenas for performances and art installations.

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