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The app for visiting the district of San Benedetto al Porto in the footsteps of Don Gallo

The result of a participatory design process, “Don Gallo Square” is the app that accompanies the discovery of the neighborhood of St. Benedict at the Port and one of the people who most recognized the dignity of the place and the people who live there: Don Gallo.

Thanks to the arrangement and enhancement of the Don Gallo historical archive, the app now offers reproductions of paper documents, photographs, original videos, interviews and descriptive texts.

scritta piazza don gallo tra i visoni di genovascritta piazza don gallo tra i visoni di genova
screen dell'app Piazza Don Gallo sviluppata da ett

It thus traces the history of San Benedetto al Porto and Don Andrea Gallo through testimonies from a “princesa,” the parish priest who welcomed him, and many other people who experienced and shared Don Gallo’s commitment.

The APP is designed for those visiting the square or those preparing to do so and is structured around three themes:

1. “Everyone’s Square” which contains information about the square, its history and the day it was named after Don Gallo, historical notes on the neighbourhood and more recent accounts of the activities that make it a living square today;

2. ‘Don Gallo, street priest’ is the section that tells the story of Don Andrea Gallo’s life, told through the testimony of people who were close to him and also through videos and texts written by him;

3. ‘Don Gallo we are us’, on the other hand, aims to help spread his message through testimonies of encounters with the many people who knew him, starting from the Community of San Benedetto and ending with writers, directors and singers.

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