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The Copernicus Marine Service (or Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service) is the marine component of the European Union’s Copernicus program. It provides free, regular and systematic authoritative information on the state of the Blue (physical), White (sea ice) and Green (biogeochemical) ocean on global and regional scales. It is funded by the European Commission (EC) and implemented by Mercator Ocean International. The objective is to serve EU policies and international legal commitments related to ocean governance, to meet the needs of society at large for global ocean knowledge and to promote the blue economy in all maritime sectors ( LINK BLUE MARKETS) providing free data and information on the state-of-the-art ocean.

It makes key contributions in support of keyEU and international policies and initiatives and can help combat pollution, marine protection, maritime safety and routing, sustainable use of ocean resources, development of marine energy resources, the blue growth, weather forecasting and more. The aim is also to raise public awareness by providing European and global citizens with information on ocean issues.

imbarcazione container per merci vista dall'alto in mezzo al mare con onde e punti bianchi sovrapposti all'immagine
The circulation unit is the central hub of the Copernicus marine infrastructure. Its cloud architecture, developed according to the most recent standards concerning safety, reliability and IT performance, making it possible to manage a catalogue of over 600 operational products, transforming satellite observations into services that meet the needs of users in the marine/maritime sectors. The infrastructure brings together various instruments and services that monitor and improve service provision performance.

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