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Another important event in Genoa’s journey alongside The Ocean Race in the name of sustainability. Genoa Process also means networking among institutions, bodies, and companies to promote virtuous paths such as the Plastic Race. The maxi collection to clean up the world from plastic will be on Sunday, 18 June, on the occasion of the arrival of “The Ocean race” scheduled between 24 June and 2 July.

The Custodians Plastic Race – We Clean the Planet is one of the many initiatives linked to sustainability and protection of the sea that are part of the mission of The Ocean Race. This most famous round-the-world sailing boat race at the Grand Finale, scheduled in Genoa between 24 June and 2 July, accompanies the Genoa Process, the ambitious pathway for defining the Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights principles. The draft document will soon be presented to the United Nations in New York, making Genoa a global marine ecosystem protection model.

BioDesign Foundation and ETT Spa, promoters of the project, are following the entire tour of Genoa and its Pavilion in the stages of The Ocean Race preceding the Grand Finale. From this synergy, a close collaboration was born and grew. This is why The Custodians Plastic Race – We Clean the Planet project is presented in Genoa and starts from Genoa: a further important step in the path that the Municipality has started with the Genoa Process in favour of environmental sustainability and ocean protection.