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inaugurazione del much dis ettimo torinese, ospiti daventi all'ingresso del museo tra cui Giovanni Verreschi

In Settimo Torinese, the former Siva paint factory premises – where Primo Levi, the author of “Se questo è un uomo”, worked as a chemist from 1947 to 1975 – will host MU-CH | the Museum of Chemistry, the first Italian interactive museum dedicated to chemistry to promote children and teen education and including in its itinerary sections and activities for adults and families as well.

MU-CH was born from an idea of the Municipality of Settimo Torinese and Fondazione ECM. It was designed by the Pleiadi Group, built by ETT, and financed by the National Plan for the Social and Cultural Regeneration of Urban Areas. It is the first museum in Europe to offer an interactive itinerary dedicated to chemistry. The facility was born out of a desire to create a place of encounter and discovery, where people of all age ranges can enjoy an immersive experience in the world of science.

The goals of MU-CH are to amaze, teach, entertain and enthuse, in a museum that makes its mission to popularise science with innovative methods and approaches. The meaning of this project is already found in its name: MU-CH, which not only represents the initials of ‘Museum’ and ‘Chemistry’, but also reminds of the English word “’much” which is what the museum wants to provide to its visitors: much – fun, education, creativity, involvement, and interactivity.

The Chemistry Museum is designed primarily for children aged 4 to 13 years old, and for this reason it is a dynamic museum, where visitors can actually do chemical experiments and get involved personally. However, the facility also houses areas – such as the reading room – that wants to become a reference point for the scientific community in the area. Thanks to paths supported by explainers (guides) the museum is ready to welcome school groups and families, but can also be visited independently, for those who wish to do so.

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Sala del MUCH - il museo della chimica di settimo torinese. allestita da ETT con exhibit