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il ledwall sulla torre ETT a Genova, visibile dall'aeroporto cittadino

ETT presents itself to the city and the airport

The ETT Genoa headquarters in Sestri Ponente now has a new technological ally to capture attention and give visibility to the group. On the tower roof of Via Albareto 21, a large 6×3 metre outdoor LED wall is visible from roads connecting the city to the airport. This communications innovation in town is also suitable for other outdoor places.

ETT Group’s choice of new outdoor communications is versatile and fit for various applications in distinct sectors. It transforms spaces into engaging and dynamic visual experiences, creating immersive surroundings. LED walls are just one of the technologies used by ETT Group and for its customers in new-style communications in cities, shopping centres and showrooms, as well as in other indoor and outdoor locations. The video surface has a high visual impact and is of extraordinary quality.

The LED wall frames, videos and images are sharp and brilliant in all lighting conditions for day and night use. Be it emotional content, event announcements, opening hours, navigation information or live news, the latest and most relevant information can be published and updated on the LED wall.