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The innovative experiential Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura showroom, created by ETT, Deloitte Digital and Officine Innovazione, is open to the public. Creativity and cutting-edge technology now contribute to the spread of a protection culture in Italy.

An immersive space adventure to expand a protection culture

As a direct result of collaboration with ETT, Deloitte Digital and Officine Innovazione, Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura has opened a new experiential showroom at its iconic Turin headquarters in Via San Francesco. It is an innovative edutainment space that plays on the concept of “”protection””; a space to live interactive, spectacular and engaging virtual reality experiences.

To promote a protection culture as a positive experience enabler, Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura chose a communications partner, Deloitte Digital, which transformed the iconic Via San Francesco offices in Turin into an innovative edutainment space; a space to live interactive, spectacular and engaging virtual reality experiences. This was done in collaboration with Officine Innovazione and was produced by ETT. This multidisciplinary team combined creativity and technology, starting with the windows that capture the attention of passers-by with three-dimensional holographic projections and a spectacular composition of LED screens.

Entering the store is the start of a unique adventure, set on a fascinating alien planet where protection is as important as it is on planet Earth. Here, playing the role of settlers, visitors carry out a series of actions. The experience takes place using three distinct stations: explore the planet by flying with a jetpack over suggestive floating islands; visit an alien housing module; drive a space rover and travel through breath-taking 3D scenarios.

The experiences are linked by one guiding principle: the more you are protected, the more fascinating and full of surprises the adventures will be. Before facing an adventure, special “”space”” insurance policies may be selected and taken on the trip. These will protect the score from the unforeseen events that would lower it. This helps people to understand which is the best type of insurance for every circumstance in life.

Free public admittance. See the website to see the opening hours and schedule a visit.