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On Saturday 5 October, at 18:00, the tape was officially cut and free-entry visits continued until 23:00. Outside, there were lighting effects, with musical and artistic interludes by the “aerial dancer” and Academia musicians.

The wonders of the baroque painting style together with virtual reality, Andrea Pozzo’s perspective masterpiece and the chance to see it using technological tools. One of its kind in Piedmont, “Infinitum””, an immersive visit experience, has opened in Mondovì at the Chiesa della Missione in Mondovì Piazza, with its extraordinary pictorial series.

Many visit routes are active within the church, including the  “Andrea Pozzo Racconta” immersive show, a combination of light shows, baroque music and stories that accompany the viewer through the entire nave of the church.
Then there is “Virtual Barocco”, showing visitors the wonders of the church assisted by virtual reality viewers, followed by the “Exploring Infinitum” guided tour, a ceiling projection dedicated to the “History of Anamorphism” and, in the sacristy, “The Wonders of Painting” edutainment unit: moving and painting in 3D space. The innovative evening tour will be in the presence of an exceptional guide: Andrea Pozzo.

Two touch stations are also active, where much may be learned about the history of both the church and the Trento born artist. Learning can be fun, playing specially created interactive games while discovering the main attractions of the entire Monregalese area.

Information and bookings:

Until 6 January 2020, Infinitum will be open 10:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as well as during major city events.