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ragazza esplora contenuti attraverso uno schermo touch presso il centro fermi allestito da ETT

The Fermi Centre legal headquarters (Enrico Fermi Historical Museum of Physics and Study and Research Centre) was inaugurated in Rome on 28 October 2019, in the famous and newly-renovated Via Panisperna building.

The museum visit-layout follows the communication and dissemination philosophy that the Fermi Centre has always practised. This cultivates a multi- and inter-disciplinary visit focussing on Enrico Fermi and his great discoveries.

ETT rose to the task of fitting out the new museum layout, adapting previous major exhibitions conceived and created by the Fermi Centre, in Genoa and then in Bologna, and incorporating the multimedia and interactive content, together with the technological and architectural solutions. These comprise the current layout on the ground floor of the building in Rome. It is a spectacular setting, with a new arrangement that rethinks the space and how to use it, transforming the area to create constant interaction with the multimedia exhibits.

At the entrance, there is an exclusive ETT slider located to prepare visitors for the visit by showing a preview of Fermi Centre projects. There is also a touch table that uses a succession of multimedia content to go into more detail on the themes of the Centre.