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Organised for the first time in 2024, the European Ocean Days (4-8 March 2024) are a week of events related to European maritime issues.

On separate event days, there were discussions on the EU’s EU Ocean and Water Mission, future priorities for Europe’s seas, blue innovation and investment opportunities, as well as ocean literacy activities.

Several projects funded by the European Commission through the Horizon Europe Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters were presented; topics covered ranged from the EU Ocean and Waters Mission, the blue economy, investment opportunities to ocean literacy activities.

Project participants presented their solutions for coastal management, marine waste, biodiversity, aquaculture, tourism and renewable energy.

Among the European projects in which ETT was involved and an active member were:

EMODnet Physics, one of the seven thematic projects of the European Marine Observation and Data Network programme, integrates and makes accessible and interoperable data on the physical conditions of European and international seas,

Olamur, a Horizon Europe Lighthouse Baltic and North Sea project, develops innovative solutions for multiple and sustainable use of marine areas with high anthropogenic impact,

EFFECTIVE, an initiative of the Restore our Oceans and Waters Mission, develops new techniques for restoring marine habitats and environments.