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From March 17 to 21, 2021, ETT will participate in the fourth edition of Milano Digital Week, a fully online event serving as a laboratory for digital innovation and showcasing the impact of new technologies on the surrounding reality.

This year’s focus is on the fair and sustainable city, a perfect representation of Milan in 2021: a cultural center and a sustainable, integrated, and smart innovation hub.Thanks to the partnership with Stress S.c.a.r.l., ETT will present its three projects:

Grazie alla partnership con Stress S.c.a.r.l., ETT presenta i suoi tre progetti:

  • Smartcase
  • Grisis
  • Must

The collaboration between citizens and companies, institutions, and municipal offices within the urban center is the starting point for these three new technological proposals.

Smartcase (Innovative Multifunctional Solutions for optimizing primary energy consumption and indoor livability in the Building System) is a project that identifies innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and requalify or propose new zero-impact buildings. Thanks to preliminary architectural studies, Smartcase develops advanced and sustainable home automation systems for the homes of the future. For instance, the University of Naples Federico II participated in the project by requalifying the complex of Naval Engineering buildings.

Grisis promotes the development of methodologies and techniques for Risk and Security Management of Infrastructures at a regional scale, from which it derives its name. Through research, risk analysis, and territory planning actions, the Grisis project develops software applications and technological solutions that enhance the safety of roads, metropolitan systems, or data networks.

Must is sn app that fully leverages citizen collaboration to manage and care for neighborhood services and, more broadly, the city. Maintenance Urban Sharing Tools, its acronym evokes urban maintenance sharing tools. The system functions as a platform where citizens can report information and issues, sharing them with the community and establishing direct communication with the maintenance service manager and technicians.

Understanding to what extent digital technology influences our lives today is still to be clarified, but its impact in the future will undoubtedly be enormous. The projects that ETT is developing for Milano Digital Week 2021, just like all the interventions proposed during the 5-day event, aim to foster the development of a culture focused on spreading knowledge and innovation through digital means.

To discover how ETT and STRESS S.C.A.R.L are already shaping our future, you can view the presentation of the three projects on the official website.