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l'ara pacis in colori originali, funzionalità sviluppata da ett in realtà aumentata

The ETT publication, “The Impact of Mixed Reality on Visitors’ Experience in Museum. ‘The Ara As It Was’ Project in Rome” has been included in the new book “Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: changing realities in a dynamic world” curated by prestigious publishing group Springer.

The book provides information about the latest research into immersive technologies, presented at the 5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference held in Munich, in Germany, in 2019. Filling the gap between university and industry, it illustrates the state of the art for new technologies and shows how it is applied in different sectors, such as marketing, teaching, healthcare, tourism, events, fashion and gaming. 


The paper, by Adele Magnelli – ETT International Project Manager –, Salvatore Campana and Mariapina Trunfio, provides a scientific analysis of the results of the project “The Ara As It Was”, which has allowed visitors from all over the world to discover the masterpiece that is the Ara Pacis in Mixed Reality.

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