Step – 4.0 Training

Training, Augmented and Virtual Reality
Ente Finanziatore:
Mise / Regione Liguria
2020 / in corso
Allieva durante una sessione di formazione VR per STEP realizzata per l'Accademia Mercantile
A platform for the creation and use of educational content
The high number of accidents that occur during exercises involving the use of rescue equipment is one of the reasons why the way in which training sessions are carried out needs to be completely rethought, in order to reduce the risk of endangering the safety of operators. It is from these premises, and in order to respond first and foremost to the need to operate safely in pseudo-forensic scenarios of extreme conditions, that ETT has created STEP (Smart Education Platform), a technological platform for the indoor use of innovative educational content, a complete package of training courses in the Blue Economy sphere.
Allievi durante una sessione di formazione VR per STEP realizzata per l'Accademia Mercantile
Visore e joystick durante la sessione di formazione STEP
STEP responds to the growing training and education needs of qualified personnel in operational areas that require interaction with complex or critical tools and environments. In addition to integrating tools for remote self-training, the platform offers the possibility to realise training modules with augmented and virtual reality elements. The learner can practise in simulated environments and virtual work scenarios where he or she can learn the experiences and skills needed to perform his or her job in the best and most detailed way. The platform is completed by a market place that brings together all the courses and training modules developed. The versatility of the solution makes it possible to meet the training needs for different areas, from safety, construction, inspections to the possibility of carrying out evacuation drills in the event of fire. The platform has already been used for training courses for fire brigade inspectors, Mercantile Academy cadets, construction workers, port ecological service operators, hospital staff, etc.
Allievi durante la sessione di formazione STEP
ETT was assisted by Aitek and BCService: the former for the dynamic real-time management of the training scenario and candidate assessment using Artificial Intelligence and deep learning approaches. BCService, on the other hand, deals with the testing and analysis of pilot cases with a specific focus on marine safety applications.