Step – 4.0 Training

Training, Augmented and Virtual Reality
Ente Finanziatore:
Mise / Regione Liguria
2020 / in corso
Allieva durante una sessione di formazione VR per STEP realizzata per l'Accademia Mercantile
A platform for the creation and use of educational content

The high number of accidents during exercises requiring rescue equipment is one reason why training session methodology needs to be entirely rethought to reduce operator safety risk.

To respond first and foremost to safe operational requirements in pseudo-forensic scenarios under extreme conditions, ETT created STEP (SmarT Education Platform), a technological platform for indoor use of innovative educational content; a complete Blue Economy training course package.

Allievi durante una sessione d formazione VR per STEP realizzata per l'Accademia Mercantile
Visore e joystick durante la s

STEP integrates two content interactions; Virtual Reality (game VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Students use the former to be projected into virtual scenarios that require them to learn a series of activities required by LSA Life Saving Appliances. The virtual environment is supervised by Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that extract performance indices and course observance, helping the tutor assess candidates.

The knowledge-supporting AR module, on the other hand, visualises 3D models and animated objects commonly used during exercises (hooks, parts of boats), as well as interacting with them.

The common structural factor of the two modules is the gamification element, with the systemic implementation of a game metaphor making the moment of learning notions more engaging and appealing to users than it would be in a classical way.

Allievi durante la sessione di formazione STEP

The platform will offer training packages throughout various professional sectors, available on the STEP marketplace.

ETT was assisted by Aitek and BCService. Aitek was involved in dynamic real-time management of the training scenario and candidate assessment through Artificial Intelligence and deep learning approaches. BCService dealt with the testing and analysis of pilot cases, focussing specifically on marine safety applications.