So Chic – Antarctic Ocean Data Flow Management

Web Gis, Web App, Big Data
Ente Finanziatore:
EU Commission - DG RTD
2019, 2022
Study of the exchange of carbon between the atmosphere and the ocean

he aim of SO-CHIC is to improve our understanding of the exchanges of heat and carbon between the atmosphere and the deep ocean, to quantify their flows in the air-sea-ice interface, estimating the interannual variability (space, time, etc.) of the build-up of heat and carbon in the Antarctic Ocean. The technological platform covers the whole data flow, from monitoring the sensors in the sea (in the Antarctic Ocean) to the integration and processing of the data using numerical models to simulate the interactions between atmosphere, ocean, land surface and ice, contributing to the study of global climate change.

Tecnologie: Asp.NET / C# / Geoserver / Thredds / Erddap