Planner – WebGIS for urban scenario planning and management

Smart City, Web Gis
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Regione Campania
ETT Smart City - Smart Cities - Planner

The Planner (Piattaforma per LA GestioNe dei rischi Naturali in ambiEnti uRbanizzati) project includes a set of computerised tools to support the decision making process, integrating the geo-spatial characteristics of the urban environment. Some of these are: the environmental characteristics of the area being studied (morphology, geology and so on), the characteristics of building assets (types of construction, period of construction, maintenance) as well as those related to the social and the economic context. The system has integrated tools to assess seismic and hydro-geological risk scenarios, as well as heatwaves, and other similar instruments.

Technologies:C# / Asp.NET / Geoserver