EMODnet Physics – European Marine Observation and Data Network

Web Gis, Web App, Big Data
EU Commission - DG Mare
2010/ in corso
The physics of the ocean at your fingertips

ODnetPhysics is one of the seven thematic projects in the European MarineObservation and Data Network programme, and it works to integrate data and make it accessible and interoperable on the physical conditions of European and international seas. Using the most recent IoT, Big Data, and webGIS technologies, together with integrating open protocols, it offers access to over 8000 measurement platforms in real time. The platform is completed by a help desk service that provides access to the skills of experts from over 120 oceanographic research institutes all over Europe. The exclusive concession granted to Ett for ten years has been extended for a further two years.

Tecnologie: Asp.NET / C# / Geoserver / Thredds / Erddap / Angular