Diario Clinico Specialistico – Gestione e monitoraggio pazienti

Management Tool, Web Platform
AMICI Onlus, Associazione Nazionale per le malattie infiammatorie croniche dell’intestino
2014 / 2017

Computerised tool to manage and monitor patients affected by chronic gastrointestinal diseases: Management of characteristic parameters; Statistics management; Successive follow up visits; Management of treatment parameters; Management of instrumental examination data. Created for AMICI Onlus, National Association for Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Pilot project in Liguria with the participation of the following public structures for gastroenterology in the Liguria region: ASL1 – ASL2 – ASL3 – ASL4 – ASL5; IRCCS AO; S. Martino-IST (Operating Unit for gastroenterology, endoscopy and gastroenterology clinic with endoscopy); Galliera Hospital Board