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Federico Basso, Adele Magnelli e Alessandro Cavallaro sono stati premiati con il Best Paper Award per La Divina Commedia VR, il Purgatorio, un viaggio immersivo


ETT won the Best Industry Paper Award at the 8th International XR-Metaverse Conference (Las Vegas) with The Divine Comedy VR: Purgatory, an immersive journey. 

The Divine Comedy VR explores meaningful scenes from Dante’s Purgatory and conveys viewers into the realm of the Great Poet. The characters and detailed settings, accompanied by original music and the voice of Francesco Pannofino, aspire to reveal the beauty and depth of Purgatory through the lens of modern technology, creating a new visual, interactive and multisensory language.

Spectators are active participants and move about in narrative space, explore the setting and interact directly with the characters, becoming intensely involved in the experience. The short ETT-produced Virtual Reality film, based on the second cantica of the Poem, was distributed exclusively by Rai on the Raiplay and Rai Cinema Channel channels, like the earlier first production of Inferno.