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evento olivetti nella conference room ett su metaverso

On Friday 1 December at 11am in the main hall of the Cena Institute in Ivrea, the results of the educational project “VR History: Adriano Olivetti through the eyes of the future” will be officially presented. This is a five-minute Virtual Reality short film produced by ETT to promote the history of the Ivrea area. 

A day that will take place in the Spatial Metaverse, where you will be able to interact with other users in the virtual environment through an avatar. “VR History: Adriano Olivetti through the eyes of the future” tells the story of Olivetti through the combination of two different technological solutions: cinematic VR (360° live shots) and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). It is Adriano Olivetti himself, with the voice of a very young student, who speaks in the first person and tells about himself and the company’s background. The viewer is immersed in a journey that takes him from the past to the present, told through a 360° flight over the city of Ivrea, thanks to live drone footage and a special VR camera. 

The short film is to be framed within a didactic and workshop path of image education aimed at the young students of Istituto Cena and Istituto Pavone with the aim of raising awareness of the value of the common heritage of images and imagination, but also of spreading knowledge about areas and sectors that are often little known, also favouring a virtuous path of professional training.