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Immagine del monte del Purgatorio estratta dal cortometraggio realizzato da ETT sotto la direzione di Federico Basso e con la voce narrante di Francesco Pannofino, che è proiettato nella nuova sala "Anteo Rai Cinema Spazio Realtà Virtuale", primo spazio in Italia attrezzato per la realtà virtuale, nel Cinema Anteo di Milano

On the occasion of Anteo’s 44th birthday, “Anteo Rai Cinema Spazio Realtà Virtuale”, the first space in Italy equipped for virtual reality inside a performance hall, is born in Anteo Palazzo del Cinema.

On Saturday, 13, and Sunday, 14 May, Milan’s Anteo Cinema, in Piazza XXV Aprile, 8, will open its doors to the public to allow spectators to get to know and experience the VR Experience, virtual reality, in an innovative space. After two initial open days, programming under the banner of this novelty will begin on 19 May.

The new hall at the Anteo Rai Cinema Spazio Realtà Virtuale, in Lombardy’s capital, is the first Italian cinema to offer a room equipped for virtual reality with 20 seats, with headphones and visors for a highly involved sensory experience. The hall in question, specifically, is located on the third floor of the building, a historic structure just a few steps away from the Garibaldi metro station in the Isola district and the renowned Brera area.

The first contents in the sign of VRE (Virtual Reality Experience) foreseen in the Anteo Cinema programme also include “The Divine Comedy VR – Inferno”, the short film by ETT under the direction of Federico Basso and the narrating voice of Francesco Pannofino.